Duchy Hospital Price List [UPDATED CHARGES]

On this webpage, we are going to share with you Duchy Hospital Price List in the United Kingdom. In this rate list, you can see the charges for all treatments in Duchy Hospital UK.

Duchy Hospital Charges List in the UK 2022

Here are the current prices of Duchy Hospital;

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Prices

Treatment Type Price
Breast Enlargement Treatment £5925
Breast Reduction £7210
Eyelid Surgery £4990
Liposuction £4295
Nose Re-Shaping £5160
Tummy Tuck £6865

Eyes Surgery Prices

Treatment Type Price
Contract Surgery (one eye) £3110

General Surgery Charges

Treatment Type Price
Bowel Examination as Ambulatory £2040
Gall Bladder Removal £4490
Hernia Repair £3985
Skin Excision of Malignant Lesion £1570
Stomach Examination as Day Patient £1620

Gynecology Package Charges

Treatment Type Price
Hysterectomy (Abdominal) £7665
Hysterectomy (Vaginal) £7890
Repair of Prolapsed Vagina £6145
Uterus Examination £2785

Bone and Joints Orthopaedics Charges

Treatment Type Price
Backpain – Lower Back Epidural Injection £2030
Carpel Tunnel Release £1995
Hip Replacement £12845
Knee Arthroscopy £3500
Knee Replacement £12845

Urology Department Charges

Treatment Type Price
Bladder Examination £2210
Circumcision £2585
Prostate Resection £6225
Vasectomy Reversal £3685

Cardiology Treatment Charges

Treatment Type Price
Angiogram Plus Angioplasty £9340
Cardioversion £1600
Coronary Angiogram £3300
Coronary Angioplasty (PCI) £9340

Weight Loss Surgery Charges

Treatment Type Price
Conversion Procedure £13593
Gastric Ballon £5402
Gastric Band £7711
Gastric Bypass £11663
Gastric Sleeve £10468

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Duchy Hospital Address & Contact Number

Here are the current prices of Duchy Hospital in the UK;

Address: Duchy Hospital Penventinnie Lane Truro Cornwall TR1 3UP

Phone Number: 0187 222 6100

Official Website: Click Here

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