Gatta Scrap Rate Today in Pakistan 2023 [UPDATED]

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Gatta Cotton Scrap Price in Pakistan 2023

In recent times, Pakistan’s cotton scrap market has seen a significant increase in prices. It’s because this type of cotton is in high demand internationally. China and India are the main buyers of Gata cotton scrap. Cotton of this type is used in these countries for the production of various types of fabrics.
Here are the current prices of Gatta Scrap in Pakistan;
Gata Cotton Scrap in City Weight Price
Gata Cotton Scrap Price in Lahore 1 Kg Rs. 15 – Rs. 25
Gatta Cotton Scrape Price in Karachi 1 Kg Rs. 15 – Rs. 25
A scrap of Gatta Cotton in Gujranwala 1 Kg Rs. 15 – Rs. 25
Peshawar Kabari Market Gatta Rate 1 Kg Rs. 15 – Rs. 25
Quetta Kabari Market Gatta Cotton Price 1 Kg Rs. 15 – Rs. 25

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The best place to buy or sell gatta scrap is to contact a reputable scrap yard that specializes in gatta cotton. They can assist you in obtaining the best price for Gatta Scrape and ensure that you are receiving what you are expecting.


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