Scrap Copper Price per KG Today in Pakistan 2023

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1 kg Copper Scrap Price in Pakistan Today 2022

As a trading hub, Pakistan has always been important to the world economy. There are many resources in the country that are exported to other countries. One of the most important resources is metals and minerals. As a result of its unique properties, metal scrap is highly sought after around the globe. Our aim in this blog post is to discuss the current price of copper scrap in Pakistan.

Tanba Pital Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Here are the current prices of 1 Kilo Copper wire or Tanba Scrape in Pakistan;

Copper Metal Scrap in Pakistan Price per KG
Copper Scrap Price in Gujranwala Rs. 2380 – Rs. 2400
Copper Scrape Price in Karachi Rs. 2380 – Rs. 2400
Metel Copper Scrape Rate in Lahore Rs. 2380 – Rs. 2400
Misri Shah Lahore Copper Price Rs. 2380 – Rs. 2400
Peshawar Kabar Copper Rate Rs. 2380 – Rs. 2400
Tamba rate in Pakistan vary based on quality and quantity. Pakistan’s recycling industry is dominated by small businesses. Metal scrap is purchased by these companies from individuals, businesses, and industries and then recycled into new products.
The construction industry uses recycled metals because they are cheaper than new metals. A wide variety of plumbing fittings and electrical components can be made from copper and brass scrap.
In Pakistan, recycling is a major source of income for many families, and it employs a large number of people. Usually, recycling companies pay people to cash in return for their metal scrap, which enables them to earn a decent living.
In addition to protecting the environment, recycling metals helps reduce the need to mine them for new uses. The mining process damages the environment and causes pollution. It is beneficial to conserve natural resources and reduce pollution by recycling copper metal scrap.