Islamic Dua For Newborn Baby

If you are looking for the best Islamic Dua for Newborn Baby, So you came to the right page.

For parents, the birth of a new baby is excellent news. The fruit’s optimistic expectations grow in mind. Muslims must be pleased with their success.

In the Muslim faith, there are many ways to show our joy at having a newborn baby. Islamic law instructs us to perform a variety of dhikr and dua as soon as the new kid arrives into this world. His father is responsible for performing this ritual, which is still recommended to others.

Islam has paid close attention to the newborn infant, from conception to birth, pregnancy, delivery, education after birth, and childhood.

Every one of them has received personalized attention and instruction. It indicates that it is critical to maintain, nurture, and educate the newborn from the start.

Dua for New Born Baby in Islam

Following are the best dua for a newborn baby in Islam.

1. “My Lord, indeed I [I] (have) delivered [her] a female.” And Allah knows better [of] what she delivered, and is not the male like the female. “And that I [I] (have) named her Maryam and that I [I] seek refuge for her in You and her offspring from the Shaitaan the rejected.” (Al-Imran 3:36)


2. “O Allah, I seek refuge in You for it and for my descendants from the cursed devil.”


3. I seek refuge with the perfect sentences of God, from all the temptations of the devil and disturbing beasts and from the evil eye. (HR Abu Daud 3371)


4. “May Allah bless you children who are given to you. May you be grateful to the Giver, and he is able to reach adulthood, and you are blessed with his goodness. “ (Al-Hasan)


5. “May Allah bless you and bring happiness to you. May Allah reward you with the best of rewards, to give you like and multiply your reward. “