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Daewoo Express Sleeper Bus Karachi to Islamabad Fare

It is a unique experience to travel by sleeper bus from Karachi to Islamabad with Daewoo Express. Firstly, it is the only mode of transportation which allows you to sleep soundly during your journey! Daewoo Express provides mattresses and meals to their customers as well as all-inclusive ticket prices, something no other bus company does on this route.

It is important to note that there are no sleeper buses in Pakistan with washrooms or toilets. A washroom is only available on the Q Connect bus that runs between Lahore and Islamabad; it is the most luxurious bus in Pakistan.

 Sleeper Bus Karachi to Islamabad Ticket Price is Rs. 7900 

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The Daewoo Express Sleeper bus previously operated on the Lahore to Karachi route; it has now begun to operate on the Karachi to Islamabad route as well. A sleeper bus leaves Karachi, stops at Hyderabad, Moro, and after that stop at Sukkur for dinner, then travels on to Khanewal and lastly reached Rawalpindi/Islamabad. Approximately 18 hours are required to complete this journey via the motorways.
Additionally, there is no bus company that operates on this route from Karachi to Islamabad, and this is the only sleeper bus between Karachi and Islamabad.

Daewoo Express Contact Numbers & Address

Karachi Terminal

Address: Scheme# 33, Main Super Highway, Near PSO Petrol Pump, Suhrab Goth, Karachi.

Phone Number: 021-6830082, 0304-1117008

Islamabad Terminal

Address: Daewoo Express Terminal, Near Jhangi Sayyedan, Near EME College, Peshawar Road, Tehsil/Distt Islamabad.

Phone Number: 111-007-008, 0304-111-7-008

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