Tehzeeb Bakers Pizza Price List 2022

Are you looking for Tehzeeb Bakers Pizza Price List 2022?

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Tehzeeb Pizza Menu Prices 2022

Those who reside in the twin cities have probably visited Tehzeeb’s baker’s outlet. This is not just a bakery, but a legacy by which it has been providing its customers with an exceptional experience for over 75 years. 

Fresh products come in every day at all of their outlets. A variety of products are available on Tehzeeb’s menu.

They have a large bakery with multiple sections offering a wide range of specialties, including cakes, pastries, desserts, snack bars, salad bar, Tehzeeb pizza station, and much more.

Tehzeeb Pizza Menu Price
Beef Pepperoni Pizza Rs. 1195-2540
Beef Salami Pizza Rs. 1195-2540
Cheese and Tomato Pizza Rs. 1130-2475
Chicken Bar B-Q Pizza Rs. 1195-2540
Chicken Chapli Pizza Rs. 1195-2540
Four Square Pizza Rs. 1130-2475
Grilled Chicken Pizza Rs. 1130-2475
Mortadella Pizza Rs. 1195-2540
Sausage Pizza Rs. 1130-2475
Smoked Chicken Pizza Rs. 1195-2540
Sriracha Pizza Rs. 1195-2540
Veggie Pizza Rs. 1130-2475


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