1 KG Chicken Price in Pakistan Today [2022 Updated Rates]

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Today Chicken Rate in Pakistan

There is no doubt that chicken is one of the most popular meats around the world. The chicken rate in Pakistan changes on a daily basis. We are going to take a look at the chicken rate in Pakistan in this blog post. Hopefully, you find this information informative and helpful.

Chicken meat quality is also affected by the breed of chicken. Rhode Island Red, Kadaknath, and White Leghorn are some of the most popular chicken breeds in Pakistan. High-quality chicken meat comes from these breeds.

Further, chicken meat prices vary based on the part of the bird. Other chicken parts are usually cheaper than breast meat.

Here are the current prices of chicken in Pakistan;

1 Kilo Chicken in Pakistan Price
1 KG Chicken Price in Karachi Rs. 240
1 Kilo Chicken Price in Lahore Rs. 230
Chicken Rate in Faisalabad RS. 225
Chicken Price in Gujranwala RS. 225
Poultry Rate List in Multan RS. 210
Poultry Chicken Prices in Hyderabad RS. 230
Skinless Chicken Rate in Islamabad RS. 225
Breed Chicken Rate List in Rawalpindi RS. 225
Chicken Price in Taxila RS. 230
Nawabshah chicken rates RS. 234
Sukkur chicken prices RS. 220
Chicken price in Haripur RS. 230
Mansehra chicken prices RS. 230
Chicken rate in Abbottabad RS. 235
Chicken rate Today Mianwali RS. 230
Today Chicken rate in Chichawatni RS. 220
Murree RS. 230
Badin RS. 235
Gilgit Baltistan RS. 240
Quetta RS. 240
Taunsa Sharif RS. 220
Today Chicken rate in Hafizabad RS. 217
Wah Cantt RS. 220
Jhelum RS. 228
Sheikhupura RS. 230
Hazro RS. 220
Chicken rate today Gujar Khan RS. 220
Chicken rate in Peshawar Rs. 265
Sargodha Rs. 225
Sahiwal Rs. 220
Gujrat Rs. 226
Shikarpur Rs. 230
Pak Patan Sharif Rs. 220
Jhung Rs. 220
Bahawalpur Rs. 210
Dera Ghazi Khan Rs. 222
Chicken rate today Rahim Yar khan Rs. 215
  • 1 KG Chicken Price in Lahore = Rs. 220
  • 1 KG Chicken Price in Karachi = Rs. 220
  • 1 KG Chicken Price in Rawalpindi = Rs. 230
  • 1 KG Chicken Price in Islamabad = Rs. 230
  • 1 KG Chicken Price in Multan = Rs. 220
  • 1 KG Chicken Price in Peshawar = Rs. 220
  • 1 KG Chicken Price in Quetta = Rs. 220

Chicken Price Today 2022 in Pakistan

A variety of factors can affect the price of chicken meat throughout the year. As a result of increased demand during the spring and summer months, chicken is usually more expensive. Chicken prices are also affected by global poultry prices.

The outbreak of avian influenza and an increase in feed costs have contributed to a rise in poultry prices in Pakistan in recent years. It is expected that chicken meat prices will continue to rise in the future.

Many Pakistani households consume chicken regularly as part of their diet. It has been difficult for households to afford chicken meat due to its high price. There have been a lot of families that reduced their chicken consumption or switched to cheaper meat cuts.

Chicken remains popular meat in Pakistan despite its high price. The popularity of chicken extends across all socioeconomic groups, especially during weddings and festivals. In many traditional Pakistani dishes, chicken is a key ingredient.

In the above table, the prices have been based on the average price of chicken in Pakistan. There may be a difference in price depending on what kind and quality of chicken you purchase. Therefore, before making a purchase, make sure to check the price.