1509 Rice Price in Pakistan Today 2022 (Basmati Rice)

On this webpage, we will share 1509 Rice Price in Pakistan Today 2022. This Rice is also known as Kisan Basmati.

1509 Rice Rate in Pakistan Today 2022

Kisan Basmati Rice is an early ripening rice variety. It ripens within 90 to 100 days. The ideal time for the cultivation of Paneri is from June 15 to June 30. Kisan Basmati 1509 rice variety rates are being shared with you below.

Rice Variety White Sella Steam
1509 Rice Rs. 4300 Rs. 4900 Rs. 5100

The price of 1509 white is Rs. 4300, and the Sella rice rate is Rs. 4900, while the price of 1509 steam is Rs. 5100.