K&N Products Price List 2022 in Pakistan Today [Full Menu]

On this webpage, we will share with you K&N Products Price List 2022. In this rate list, you can see the prices of Kofta, Kabab, Chickens, Karahi, Sekh and Shami Kabab, Qeema, and much more.

K&N’s Products Pakistan Rate List with Menu 2022

The K&N’s menu offers a variety of choices in chicken products, including whole chicken, designer cuts, premium boneless meat, and ready-to-cook items.

Additionally, K&N offers a variety of poultry farming products, such as parent stock, broiler chicks, poultry feed, and hatching eggs to poultry farmers.

Here are the current updated prices of all K&N’s Meal products ;

 K&N Products Menu Prices (Inc. tax)
K&N’s Kofta Price Rs. 840
K&N’s Croquettes Price Rs. 205
K&N’s Burger Patties Price Rs. 690
K&N’s Chapli Kabab Price Rs. 205
K&N’s Chicken Tempura Price Rs. 195
K&N’s Fun Nuggets 265g Price Rs. 315
K&N’s Fun Nuggets 1.5 kg Price Rs. 1335
K&N’s Kofta Kabab Price Rs. 195
K&N’s Muglai Tikka Price Rs. 205
K&N’s Food Thunder Fillet Price Rs. 610
K&N’s Breast Fillet 500 mg Price Rs. 299
K&N’s Boti cut 1 kg Price Rs. 399
K&N’s Combo Wings Economy Pack Price Rs. 505
K&N’s Hot Tender Economy Pack Price Rs. 515
K&N’s Smoked Breast Fillet Strips Price Rs. 690
K&N’s Bologna Slices — 616g Price Rs. 725
K&N’s Boneless Handi — 500g Price Rs. 350
K&N’s Chunks Chicken Tikka — 700g Price Rs. 795
K&N’s Fiery Fingers — 780g Price Rs. 795
K&N’s Frankfurter Sausage — 720g Price Rs. 745
K&N’s Breakfast sausage — 720g Price Rs. 745
K&N’s Karahi cut — 1 kg Price Rs. 570
K&N’s Patteze Price Rs. 380
K&N’s Puff Patteze Price Rs. 380
K&N’s Qeema extra lean 500g Price Rs. 405
K&N’s Qeema — 500g Price Rs. 405
K&N’s Quiche Price Rs. 680
K&N’s Seekh Kabab  205 g Price Rs. 320
K&N’s Seekh Kabab  1.08 kg Price Rs. 1370
K&N Shami Kabab 252g Price Rs. 285
K&N’s Shami Kabab 1.3kg Price Rs. 1325
K&N’s Tender Pops  260g Price Rs. 315
K&N’s Tender Pop  780g Price Rs. 795
K&N’s Tender Pop 1.32kg Price Rs. 1325
K&N’s Chicken Pizzetta 960g Price Rs. 855
K&N’s Pepperoni Slices Price Rs. 650
K&N’s Mortadella Slices Price Rs. 685

About K&N

In Pakistan, K&N is one of the largest poultry and frozen food companies. Khalil Sattar and Naushaba Khalil founded K&N’s in 1964 when Sattar was still a college student. In the present day, Adil K. Sattar runs the company.

It was Khalil’s mission to provide better nutrition to the nation for its health and happiness when he started K&N’s. The company originated in Karachi and now operates throughout Pakistan.

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