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Misbah Ul Lughat is a free, offline Arabic to Urdu dictionary containing a complete Arabic to Urdu translation. There are 50,000 words in this Arabic Urdu dictionary.

It provides meanings for each word as well as root words. Especially useful for Quran students. Misbah ul Lughat Arabic Urdu Dictionary is composed by Abul Fazal Maulana Abdul Hafeez Bayavi.

Misbah ul Lughat Dictionary in Urdu

In Misbahul Lughat, you find the most important and most relevant Arabic words in Urdu, together with their definitions.

Abu Al-Fadl Maulana Abdul Hafeez Bilawi (may Allah have mercy on him) compiled the best collection of more than fifty thousand Arabic words according to the style of Al-Munajjid at the request of some elders and students.

By implication, Misbah-ul-Laghat is a book compiled by Maulana and has the status of a permanent dictionary, as well as other ancient works that have been used as dictionaries.

Misbah-ul-Laghat was translated from the same well-known dictionary, but some words from other sources were added at some point, according to Maulana Ameed-ul-Zaman Qasmi Kiranvi.

As it is, only the tourists of this desert can portray the magnitude of the great deed Maulana Biliawi accomplished when he was still without an Arabic-Urdu dictionary.


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