Face Reading Book in Urdu Pdf

If you are looking for a Face Reading book in Urdu Pdf, So you came to the right place. Here you can download Misbah ul Qiyafa in pdf for educational purposes.

Chehra Shanasi Book in Urdu

In this face reading ebook, you can read the following topics;

  • Ashiq Mizaji Ya Quwat e Muhabbat
  • Afzaish e Nasal Ya Aulad ki Chahat
  • Khud Pasandi
  • Khair Khuwahi o Faiz Rasani
  • Diyanat Dari o Saaf Batani
  • Hairat Angeez Anokha pan
  • Shakhsiyat ya Infradiyat
  • Wazan, Kashish e Saqal
  • Rang Shanasi
  • Choose the profession you were born to do.
  • You should read the face of your boss.
  • Know the danger signs of strangers so that you can protect your children.
  • Smart hiring! Identify and hire people of destiny.
  • Safely date on the Internet. Don’t make mistakes!
  • By using facial indicators, you can gain insight into your health or illness.
  • Learn how to be an effective manager and business strategist.
  • Face reading by Photo
  • Face reading techniques with images Pdf