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40 Kg Bajra Rate in Galla Mandi Pakistan Today 2022

The pearl millet (Bajra) crop is one of the most popular crops grown in the Kharif season, and it is used both as green fodder and as a grain crop. As well as being known as poor man’s food, it is a popular food item. Animals like its green fodder and birds like its grains.

Here are the current prices of Bajra in Pakistan;

S.No Bajra in Pakistani Cities Weight Rate
1 Bajra Rate in Hyderabad 100 Kg Rs. 5700
2 Thar Bajra Rate in Karachi 100 Kg Rs. 5700
3 Bajra Mandi Sadiq Gunj Load 40 Kg Rs. 2200
4 Bajra Price in Narowal 40 Kg Rs. 2100
5 Bajra rate in Shakar Garh 40 Kg Rs. 2100
6 Bajra rate in Lala Musa 40 Kg Rs. 2100
7 Bajra Rate in Multan 40 Kg Rs. 2100
8 Bajra Rate in Faislabad Ghala Mandi 40 Kg Rs. 2275
9 Bajra Rate in Lahore Mandi 40 Kg Rs. 2300
10 Bajra Rate in Rawalpindi Mandi 40 Kg Rs. 2300
11 Bajra Rate in Burewala 40 Kg Rs. 2275
12 Bajra Rate in Larkana 100 Kg Rs. 5850
13 Bajra Rate in Sukkur 100 Kg Rs. 5850

Bajra Rate Per KG in Pakistan

The rate of 1 Kg Bajra in Pakistan is Rs. 90 – Rs. 200.

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