Bupa Dental Price List 2023 UK

If you are looking for Bupa Dental Price List 2023 UK, then you came to the right place. Here we will provide the latest updated rate list of Bupa Dental Clinic in the United Kingdom.

Bupa Dental Treatment Prices in the UK 2023

Bupa Dental offers NHS and private dental care, so no matter what your dental requirements are and whatever your budget may be, they have the right solution for you.

Here are the current prices of dental treatment in the United Kingdom;
Bupa Dental Services NHS Private
Adult braces (fixed braces)
Price on consultation
Adult braces (Invisalign) From £2,300.00
Bridges (per unit) £282.80 From £115.00
Check-up adult (18 and over) £23.80 £62.00
Check-up child (5 or under) Free Free
Check-up child (6-17 inclusive) Free Free
Complex X-ray £41.00
COVID-19 safety tariff (where applicable) From £5.00
Crowns £282.80 From £115.00
Dental implant
Price on consultation
Dentures (Full acrylic) £282.80 From £696.00
Hygienist appointment From £60.00
Hygienist appointment (with the dentist) From £62.00
New patient emergency appointment £23.80 £89.00
New patient exam adult (18 and over) £23.80 £89.00
New patient exam child (5 or under) Free Free
New patient exam child (6-17 inclusive) Free Free
Partial upper or lower denture (acrylic) £282.80 From £575.00
Root canal (back teeth) £65.20 From £252.00
Root canal (front teeth) £65.20 From £129.00
Simple X-ray Price on consultation
Price on consultation
Sports guards From £143.00
Surgical tooth extraction £65.20 From £288.00
Teeth whitening (at-home kit) From £322.00
Teeth whitening (in practice) From £483.00
Tooth extraction £65.20 £127.00
Tooth filling silver (large) £65.20 From £85.00
Tooth filling silver (small) £65.20 From £85.00
White fillings £65.20 From £128.00

Bupa Dental Health Insurance UK

The term “health insurance” is often used to refer to a policy that covers all costs related to medical care, from diagnosis to treatment, as it relates to private health insurance.

As a member of a health insurance plan, you will pay a monthly subscription that covers all or some of the costs of treatment for acute illnesses that develop after the policy has been activated. The advantage of health insurance is that you can access medical treatment quickly.

Types of insurance in Bupa Dental Clinic

Bupa Dental has two different types of health insurance cover to choose from. You can choose between Comprehensive health insurance, or Treatment and Care health insurance.

  • Health insurance for me
  • Couples health insurance
  • Family health insurance
  • Health insurance for my business

Bupa Dental Insurance

A Bupa Dental insurance policy covers both routine check-ups and dental work, including dental injuries and emergency treatment.

You must pay the dentist first, and then request a refund. You can choose between a private clinic and an NHS practice for the work. The first claim can usually be filed one to three months after you purchase the insurance.

However, preventive treatments like routine exams, x-rays, and scaling and polishing can be filed immediately (Dental 20). Other benefits are subject to waiting periods.

Dental Payment Plans

The cost of dental treatment should be affordable for everyone. The Bupa Dental team understands that the cost of some treatments may not be within the reach of many people, so they want to ensure that you get the dental care that’s right for you.

In order to manage the out-of-pocket costs of dental care, Bupa Dental dentists offer dental payment plans, loans, and other alternatives. Here is the list of payment options;

  • Openpay
  • Zip
  • AfterPay
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